Welcome to HaBilNet, the Harmonious Bilingualism Network

HaBilNet promotes and carries out research on harmonious bilingual development.

Through HaBilNet you can gain access to research-based sources that will help your family develop bilingualism in harmonious ways.

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New book about bilingual kids!

It covers the first decade of life and, of course, pays plenty of attention to harmonious bilingualism.

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The ALDeQ-NL becomes multilingual

The parent questionnaire ALDeQ-NL helps to identify multilingual children with a language development disorder. With the support of HaBilNet, a team of speech therapists at Thomas More college is working on the translation of the ALDeQ-NL into 10 different languages, with a read aloud function. This makes it easier for parents who are not proficient in Dutch to complete the questionnaire. Download the Dutch project summary here.

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Supporting Bilingualism in Families, Day Care Centers and Schools

Bilingualism is one of four major themes that the Association for Binational Families and Partnerships deals with. In this inspiring interview, Maria Ringler speaks from the Association's headquarters about supporting multilingual families, an exciting reading project for day care centers, and about her experiences with political lobbying for bilingual education.

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